Vision And Value



Product approval

Fomotech continue to invest the resource for research and development. Fomotech has developed good quality and competitive products, leading technology, friendly operation functions and efficiency after service. Fomotech also develops many patents for industry radio remote controller.
Fomotech builds effective R&D team and management system. Under the efficiency operation, fomotech can develop the new product or function in accordance with customer requirements.

The R&D team members include experience and excellence engineers and technicians. Fomotech invests technology development, infrastructure and training in the R&D team for continual improvement. The R&D team develops action in accordance with customer requirement and industry trends to be the best partner and add value for customers.

Fomotech has operated new technology development project SBIR of the Dept. of Industrial Technology (DOIT) of Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Taiwan government. To develop new generation industry radio remote controller for providing high efficiency, high quality, more operation functions, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost products to customers.